Saturday, June 29, 2013

Intoxicated Clans Update (6/30/13)

MrBarnabus has attracted the Administrators attention today with posting a well explained suggestion on the forums which include: limiting the amount of people in the clan, and the amount of allies (DarkDwain suggested the limited amount of allies). MrBarnabus explained how CTP was getting not fun for a lot of the clans as it's not as competitive, and it's easy for the big clan to overpower the others. It's not about teamwork or skill anymore, it's about numbers. CTP should provide risk, and not be an uphill fight and weighted towards one clan each time.

5FDP420 noted today that this change will come into effect on 6/30/13 at approximately 1AM his time. He's going to limit the amount of people you can have in each clan to 10, and he's also going to limit the amount of allies to 3. "It's either limiting clans/allies, or we remove CTP and clans in general", 5FDP420 said.

Intoxicated Clans Change

  • Clans will have a limit of only 10 people.
  • Clans will have a limit to only 3 allies per clan.
CTP will be up for capture tomorrow, Sunday (6/30/13) at 1:30 Mountain Time. To compare your time to Mountain Time go here: 

- 3:30 Eastern Time

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