Monday, August 19, 2013

Intoxicated Closed & Griefed: Again!

Sorry to everyone, but I'm here to report another.. Intoxicated griefing. I'll explain what happened first, and go into context after. I'll keep updating this post as more information comes my way, but if anyone is wondering what has happened, feel free to refer them here.

Ragestrr, xLukeeex, and many other users got on late last night, banned most of the users that were online, (possibly whitelisting too) and completely griefed spawn. Below you can see what spawn basically looks like as of right now.

The other users who were involved are not known (to me at least). Intoxicated is said to have MySQL, Plugin, and World backups, but no one knows how long ago. To add more icing on the cake for this event, _Xiae has said that he is "done" and is quitting as this event could of been prevented, but one of the Administrators trusted a user with the Console, MySQL, and FTP passwords. You can see his post, here:

No other post has been made except for many users complaining and asking why is the server down.

As for the context of when Ragestrr/jimxjimx got access. If you all remember, Intoxicated was down for about 5 days due to MySQL errors. None of the Administrators except for _Xiae knew how to do the task, and _Xiae was out on vacation. The Administrators supposedly trusted Ragestrr, so they gave him access. Funny thing is -- he never fixed it.

They gave Ragestrr the Console, FTP, and MySQL passwords and that was it. The next day _Xiae got on, and fixed it.

If you all remember, Ragestrr/jimxjimx was the same person who griefed Intoxicated last time. jimxjimx is an old administrator, so he had access to Console/FTP from way back when he was. He came back, logged in, and fucked with spawn and _Xiae had to fix it, which is why _Xiae says, "Admins trusted Ragestrr again for some reason".

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Intoxsheet is under construction once again!


So, I think the server has aged enough for me to start adding items in. I'm going to constantly update the sheet with new items, and their prices. These will be the UP TO DATE prices, but I'm going to have to constantly update them as the economy ages more because right now -- there's no real "set price". There's a wide variety of prices, and the economy is no where near stable as of yet.

Keep on the lookout, and keep coming back to check on the progress. Everyday I'll be adding new items and hopefully get back to the place I was a month ago with about 70~ items.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please PM me on Intoxicated.



Also, the "Starter Guide" is about finished. Click on the navbar button above to check it out!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

WIP: Beginner's Guide

So, after me helping a few guys out on Intoxicated, I thought it'd be good to make a Beginner/Starter guide for those who need help starting out. It seems some people that come to the server don't even know what to do, or where to go, so I'm gonna work on a starter/beginner guide for people that'll basically take new players through their first 15-30mins of the game.

I estimate this'll be complete by 8/16/13, so keep a look out for it. I'll add it to the navbar -- the link will show up next to the "Staff / Law Enforcement", which is also a WIP due to the new staff, and constantly being accepted Law Enforcement.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Intoxicated: Back Up!

For the past ~5 days, Intoxicated has been offline. On the 1st day of it being down, it was up/down due to the fact that the Administrators had no idea of the problem, but when players were logging in, they lost their money, and their McMMO levels. The server was quickly shut down, and just in time for _Xiae to be on vacation.

The reason for the downtime was that some error had occured with MySQL (a database). MySQL managed iConomy, McMMO, and any other plugin that basically stored important player data. Not enough RAM was allocated towards MySQL causing it to "flood". None of the other administrators could fix it, so they were forced to wait for _Xiae to get back from his vacation.

It was quickly fixed today in the morning, and everything is running smoothly.

Friday, August 9, 2013

McMMO, Money, and anything related to MySQL will be down (and the server!)

Early in the morning today, something happened with the disk space of the server and MySQL which caused McMMO, Money, and anything that connects and uses MySQL to not work. Everyone's McMMO, and money is reset, but will be added later on tonight at approximately 1AM EST (according to Ball__So__Hard).

_Xiae will reupload the plugins and the files and configure it back to it's last save point (early the smorning) of everyone's money and McMMO levels. It's recommended that you don't do anything with money as it will most likely get reset when they upload the previous files. It's recommended that you harvest your farm, and save your drugs for later when MySQL is fixed.


The server will also been down until about 1AM or 2AM EST due to the MySQL problems. To see what's all the hype, go to:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Intoxicated: Reset and Much More!

Hello everyone! Long time!

A lot has gone on in the past few weeks, and I haven't been able to cover it, but I'll slowly sum it up now. If you wish to learn more about it, please refer to these forum posts below:

I'll explain a bit more in depth. The administrators decided to reset the whole server; money, McMMO, everything. The administrators quickly worked on a testing server where they would change the server, and make it better. The reason for the reset is not exactly clear, but you should be able to figure out the reason on your own.

The reset didn't mess everything up, infact, the server is back up, and running like it used to 3-4 months ago. Almost 100 players on everyday, and great community once again. Many more ranks were added, and the difficulty of the server was increased to make players have a challenge and not get to the highest rank in one day. Here is the new rank list:

Fugitive - Default Rank
Druggie - $10,000
Grower - $18,000
Dealer - $31,000
Enforcer - $54,000
Supplier - $94,000
Trafficker - $164,000
Lieutenant - $287,000
Baron - $503,000
Patrone - $880,000

They changed the prices A LOT. Not only are the rank prices different, but also the drug prices. As I said before, the administrators made it so that players would have a challenge to rank up, and so they did.

Not only are ranks changed, but some staff changed as well. As you can assume, some staff was demoted and taken off, and some was promoted. Some of them you may know from the intox before the reset, and some were promoted from a lower rank. Here is the new staff:

_Xiae - Owner/Sr Admin
Ball__So__Hard - Owner/Sr Admin
IBunkerZz - Sr Admin
Axios18 - S Admin
Armoral111 - Admin
Skillcheese - Admin
ShawnHalogen - Admin
Well, come see all the changes for yourself, hop on the server:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Intox Is Back Up!

Intoxicated is back up as of now at 10:07PM Mountain Time.

If you can't connect to any of the other IPs, try putting in this IP:

It should work. For updates and any changes please make sure to stay updated by reading the forum located here:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Intoxicated "Griefed"!

What happened?

As many of you know if you've played Intoxicated, jimxjimx was an old Sr Admin. He helped start the server. 3 weeks ago, he resigned from his position and hasn't shown up until yesterday. He showed up on the server with his accounts "ranbuscus" (excuse me if I don't spell it correctly) and "Ragestrr". Everything was normal until ranbuscus threatened to demote a member, Junkfoodink after he had jailed him permanently. Ranbuscus also was promoted to Patrone almost instantly as if an admin had given him it, along with the fact that it was reported he had 1000+ Axes (McMMO skill) at one point whilst fighting at the border.

Today, 7/16/13, Ragestrr showed up again. This time, spawn was griefed with multiple interior and exterior explosions / griefs, mobs were spawned everywhere including the Ender Dragon, and when you died no one was losing items. The server continued to gain more and more havoc and chaos, the lag was severe, and then the server was finally shut down by _Xiae and is quickly working to resolve the problem.

During the mob spawning, the server began to get very laggy and feel like it was being DDoSed. Here is a picture taken by ShawnHalogen showing what he was doing at one point:

Here is _Xiae's reply to what happened in the past hour:

What's being done now?

_Xiae is currently working on fixing the server. He says that there's a possible back door / security compromise within the system, and is quickly working to check and resolve it. Once done, he plans to rollback the server. Mind you, the rollback is most likely going to be a 24-48 hour rollback.

The server should be back up within 1-3 hours. _Xiae is working hard to make sure the server is not compromised, and so that we can all play without fear of being hacked, or shut down.

Please note, there WILL be a rollback. Anything you've done within the past 2 days will most likely be rolled back. It's either that, or he has to repair everything that's happened within the server as of now including the grief, and possible items that were given out, etc.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Intoxicated McMMO Nerf

2 McMMO skills were nerfed today on Intoxicated as a mass complaint of the skills being overpowered.

With the new update of 1.6.x, P4 was nerfed and many potions were changed. In order to scale with the change, Swords were nerfed down to the cap of 400. Axes were nerfed down to the cap of 300. The reason for this nerf was to scale with the update of 1.6 and it's changes to armor (P4 specifically) and many of the pots such as the STR2 pot which now gives you 260%+ Strength.

Here is a video that was recorded by Pistolton showing how OP swords were when xLukeeex was at 800 swords (the previous cap).

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Intoxicated Updated to 1.6.2

Intoxicated was updated to 1.6.2 and it was updated by _Xiae yesterday, a few hours before CTP. 1.6.2 wasn't completely implemented into the server as _Xiae had to configure some things, and allow horses to be spawned. Today the horses were implemented and you are able to find them in their discreet areas / spawn points.

Make sure you download the new 1.6.x launcher from to be able to play on Intoxicated.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Influx in Staff/Law Enforcement, New Ranks, and 1.6.2!

Yesterday, 2 chat mods were accepted by Ball__So__Hard. IBunkerZz and ShawnHalogen were accepted as chat mods yesterday. Congratulations to them!

Today, 1 chat mod was accepted and 6 cops were accepted. Congratulations to The_deadric on getting chat mod, and congratulations to the following for being promoted to Officer:

- Varahdel
- Lokir_Shalak
- TheFankTankDozer
- Armoral11
- migetmagic
- spicyreaper

5 new ranks in the air? 
Along with the acceptance of a mass law enforcement team, questions had arisen about the new ranks that were supposed to be implemented. The new ranks' prices range from 1m to 25m within a limit of 5 ranks. The ranks are still in the air and being discussed at this point.

1 . 6 . 2

Ball__So__Hard made an announcement today stating that Intoxicated would be updated to 1.6.2 sometime today / tomorrow, along with new ranks would be added. As of now, 6:55PM Mountain Time, this update has not come into play.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Intoxsheet for Mac (Update #3)

Alright, probably the last update on the Intoxsheet for Mac for a while. This'll clear everything on, and also give an ETA on when it'll be compatible for all those who use macs/just can't see the regular spreadsheet.

I found out how to do it, I have it drafted out in my head, and I've already started working on the actual page. I'm gonna start working on the design and table, and Intoxsheet SHOULD be compatible by (meaning I could have it done tomorrow, but it most likely won't be. 7/5/13 is just when it'll be 100% done for sure)  July 15th, 2013. I'll have a page added in which anyone can access if you can't see the regular spreadsheet. Like I said before, it's gonna be a pure html and css table so you can use CTRL+F, and so I can update it with ease.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please PM V7s / Inhale_ in game.


Friday, July 5, 2013

New Additions to the Mall and plots repo'd!

A new addition that has been quite popular since added was added to the Mall today - in the back left of the mall there is an area where you are able to pay 1mil to have your head put on, with your name above it, and your own quote below it. The spot is permanent, but the spots are limited to about 20 people. So far around 6 have been taken.

Here's a picture of this area as of 7/5/13 at 8:53PM Mountain Time:

Along with that addition to the Mall, Ball__So__Hard asked the server what they want to spend their in game money on.. The majority opinion was on homes/new plots. Ball__So__Hard repo'd 3 plots from where the owner was inactive for over 30 days, and made them available. 

The plots that were made available:

  • #12 - Medium
  • #13 - Medium
  • #23 - Small
Not even a minute after Ball__So__Hard made the announcement that he made these plots available, all plots were already bought. The current owners of the new plots are unknown.

Intoxsheet for Mac Update

Today I started to work on the Intoxsheet for Mac, but I ran into a big problem which has me banging my head into the wall. I need to find a way to make it so that Mac users can see it, and obviously 50% of the Mac/Apple users are unable to see it. Some can, some can't, but that's no excuse. I want EVERYONE to be able to use it and see it which is the problem I'm at.

Here is what my inital idea was: I was going to make one huge picture that has everything from the spreadsheet in it, put it on a new page, and then mac users can see it directly off of that. Bad thing is, Blogger doesn't allow me to create a whole new page. I have to use the same front page (it'd have the headers, the sheet, the logo, etc). That's one problem I ran into, and the bigger problem is that the picture is too big. It's so big it actually unaligns all of the page and makes it look terrible.

What's next? Well, I have another idea in mind, but it's gonna make me go a whole nother step. I'm gonna have to make a manual table using html/css (it'll look very similar to the regular Google spreadsheet), but it's gonna be made with pure css and html. It's gonna have me work a LOT and I'll have to update both. Though, updating the manual table would be easier than updating the picture. I'm gonna try this idea on 7/5/13 and I'll tell you guys how it goes.

If you have suggestions, comments, or questions PM V7s or Inhale_ on the server.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Intoxsheet for Mac Information


I've been getting many complaints that Mac / Apple product users are unable to see the spreadsheet so I'm going to be implementing a way that they can see it. It'll be a lot of manual work for me because the only way I can do it is by making it one huge picture, so I'll be updating that every 2-3 days to make it easier on me. I'm not gonna be updating the sheet everyday, but even if I do, the Mac/Apple product users will not be able to see the update until 1-3 days after.

I'll be implementing/working on this addition for Mac users on 7/3/13 and should have it done the same day. Editing the picture and making it one huge picture is what's gonna take the longest. Thanks for your patience.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or have a question PM V7s or Inhale_ on the server.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Ultra Rare Items, Updates, and a New Exploit

Today, Eccentrics AKA MrTea (MrTeaHD) did a donor only drop party in the donor mine which consisted of some common things such as diamonds and iron. He then began giving out "special" / ultra rare items such as the ones listed below:
  • "Pimp Suit" - Golden Armor Set consisting of P4 and U3 enchanted on every piece and renamed to "Pimp Suit".
  • "Pimp Stick" - A golden hoe that has Knockback V enchanted on it and is renamed to "Pimp Stick".
  • Rose - A rose with an enchantment of Thorns X. Approx 10 of these were given out.

Later, MrTea and Axios18 1v1'd in the Arena. Many people got bored and left until 5F noted that he'd be hosting a drop party right after in which he did. He dropped some of the normal stuff, and here are the special items that he added and were added to the sheet:
  • "Magic Mushroom" - A Red Mushroom with Thorns 8. There's only 5 on the server, and handed out at the 5F drop.
  • Yellow Flower - Enchanted with Sharpness 7 and the lore is: "Flower of Love". Only 5 on the server and handed out at 5FDP420's drop parties.
  • "Swim Fish" - A fish that is enchanted with Looting 5 and given out at MrTea's second drop party. Lore says "King of the Sea from MrTea's drop party"
  • Sugar Cane - Sugar of Love that has Knockback 20 on it and was given out by 5FDP420.
Anyways, I'm still investigating to get all of the rare items. If you got a rare item that was given out at a drop party and it's not added on the sheet please PM V7s or Inhale_ on the server. Thanks!

I'm gonna start posting a blog post everytime I update the sheet massively such as today when many items were given out. I'm thinking of a format, but I'm not sure. At this time, I'm just noting everything I have found or know about.

New Exploit that'll get you banned: 
Making a clan with the same name as another to get into the End is an exploit and will get you banned for one day. Multiple offenses will result in a permenant ban. There should only be one clan in the End 5F said, so stop doing it. Users were making new clans and naming it "Cypher" just to get back into the End in which they succeeded. To bypass the system, all you have to do is make a clan tag that is different.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Daily Update + Clans Update... Update!

CTP: Cypher Victory!

CTP went on today and Cypher took the win for the first time in 3 weeks over AAA and BHS who competed. Cypher rallied many members into their clan for the CTP to take place which showed their great interest in the End today.. but why? The End and Nether reset every month and when it resets you are able to kill the Ender Dragon for great rewards including the Dragon Egg and 100+ levels.

Clans Update... Update!

The Clans plugin that Intoxicated uses is unconfigurable of it's amount of players in each clan and it's allies without the source code. The admins are unable to limit both automatically, so today they noted they would be doing manually. Any clan with over an undecided amount (in between 10-15) will be deleted. There has been no official confirmation as of how many people will be the max in each clan.

  • Allies can not be handled. You can have as many allies as you want.
  • Clans can only have an undecided amount of members (15). No official confirmation as of now. Once a official note has been made, I will update this.
NEW UPDATE: The maximum amount of people each clan can have before being manually deleted is 15. Gear up!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Intoxicated Clans Update (6/30/13)

MrBarnabus has attracted the Administrators attention today with posting a well explained suggestion on the forums which include: limiting the amount of people in the clan, and the amount of allies (DarkDwain suggested the limited amount of allies). MrBarnabus explained how CTP was getting not fun for a lot of the clans as it's not as competitive, and it's easy for the big clan to overpower the others. It's not about teamwork or skill anymore, it's about numbers. CTP should provide risk, and not be an uphill fight and weighted towards one clan each time.

5FDP420 noted today that this change will come into effect on 6/30/13 at approximately 1AM his time. He's going to limit the amount of people you can have in each clan to 10, and he's also going to limit the amount of allies to 3. "It's either limiting clans/allies, or we remove CTP and clans in general", 5FDP420 said.

Intoxicated Clans Change

  • Clans will have a limit of only 10 people.
  • Clans will have a limit to only 3 allies per clan.
CTP will be up for capture tomorrow, Sunday (6/30/13) at 1:30 Mountain Time. To compare your time to Mountain Time go here: 

- 3:30 Eastern Time

Friday, June 28, 2013

CTP and Downtime

Today, CTP went down again and AAA (Anal Astronauts) took the portal from Cypher and CTK who seemed to be the only contenders. AAA once again had a huge amount of players to defend the portal.

There's been lots of downtime today due to massive DDoS/DoS attacks from anonymous people. The attacks were said to have around a power and speed of 1gbps. If you are unable to connect to the server, make sure you try all 4 of these IPs:
One of those IPs should work if some of them are down. Intoxicated and Intox have been down, but the direct IP ( seems to work fine.

By the way, some of the admins on the server today advertised their if you'd like to go and watch.

_Xiae's Twitch:
Eccentric's Twitch:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Site Update

I added a few more little gadgets to help viewers, and make it easier.

First of all, to remind you, if you're looking for an item press CTRL and F to bring up a search user interface from your browser. This is how you can find the items and prices within the spreadsheet. If I could make it easier, I would sadly Google Web Elements and it's spreadsheet API was discontinued so I'm unable to code a custom search bar for JUST the spreadsheet.

I added a gadget on the right of the blog posts that will contain all helpful and related links to Intoxicated and AvidityGaming in general. Click on them and you'll be taken to the link.

If you have any questions, comments, or have any suggestions PM me on the server (Inhale_). I'm always open for criticism, and if I have a bad price for something talk to me about it. I'm not going to be perfect, and that's what this is about. I'm trying to forward and give every player the ability to see what item costs what, and it's "quality" within the server.

Thanks! (btw, we hit 175 views in total!)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Progress as of 6/25/13


This is my first blog post for this blog, and I'd like to welcome everyone who has visited and is starting to visit.

If you don't know what this is, it's a spreadsheet / pricing guide for the Minecraft Intoxicated Drug Server. Here you can find all of the up to date prices with the constantly changing economy within the drug server. The prices and new items will be added daily to insure all of the prices are up to date, and new items or important items that were not added have their price set.

I can not code or add a functional in-web search bar that can search through the spreadsheet only as Google Web Elements was discontinued many years ago. The only (and best way) to search through the spreadsheet for your item is to press CTRL+F and type the item name or quality in there. All items are organized by quality. The "quality" of an item is based on how rare it is. Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra-Rare are the ranks in order to what is more valuable.

As I go through the items I will continue to edit these qualities and add more if needed, but these are the general ranks.


As for the progress, I'd estimate I'm about at 50% done with all of the most important items that need to be on here. I have a bunch of items that aren't "important" IE 5FDP420's head (just kidding), but that's because they're rare and I felt like adding them. I'll have all the important and need items on, and once done it'll be complete and I'll continue to update prices and add more as the server goes on.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or just wanna ask me questions, PM Inhale_ on the server or comment on this blogpost.