Monday, August 19, 2013

Intoxicated Closed & Griefed: Again!

Sorry to everyone, but I'm here to report another.. Intoxicated griefing. I'll explain what happened first, and go into context after. I'll keep updating this post as more information comes my way, but if anyone is wondering what has happened, feel free to refer them here.

Ragestrr, xLukeeex, and many other users got on late last night, banned most of the users that were online, (possibly whitelisting too) and completely griefed spawn. Below you can see what spawn basically looks like as of right now.

The other users who were involved are not known (to me at least). Intoxicated is said to have MySQL, Plugin, and World backups, but no one knows how long ago. To add more icing on the cake for this event, _Xiae has said that he is "done" and is quitting as this event could of been prevented, but one of the Administrators trusted a user with the Console, MySQL, and FTP passwords. You can see his post, here:

No other post has been made except for many users complaining and asking why is the server down.

As for the context of when Ragestrr/jimxjimx got access. If you all remember, Intoxicated was down for about 5 days due to MySQL errors. None of the Administrators except for _Xiae knew how to do the task, and _Xiae was out on vacation. The Administrators supposedly trusted Ragestrr, so they gave him access. Funny thing is -- he never fixed it.

They gave Ragestrr the Console, FTP, and MySQL passwords and that was it. The next day _Xiae got on, and fixed it.

If you all remember, Ragestrr/jimxjimx was the same person who griefed Intoxicated last time. jimxjimx is an old administrator, so he had access to Console/FTP from way back when he was. He came back, logged in, and fucked with spawn and _Xiae had to fix it, which is why _Xiae says, "Admins trusted Ragestrr again for some reason".

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