Friday, August 9, 2013

McMMO, Money, and anything related to MySQL will be down (and the server!)

Early in the morning today, something happened with the disk space of the server and MySQL which caused McMMO, Money, and anything that connects and uses MySQL to not work. Everyone's McMMO, and money is reset, but will be added later on tonight at approximately 1AM EST (according to Ball__So__Hard).

_Xiae will reupload the plugins and the files and configure it back to it's last save point (early the smorning) of everyone's money and McMMO levels. It's recommended that you don't do anything with money as it will most likely get reset when they upload the previous files. It's recommended that you harvest your farm, and save your drugs for later when MySQL is fixed.


The server will also been down until about 1AM or 2AM EST due to the MySQL problems. To see what's all the hype, go to:

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