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Thanks for visiting. This is the starter's guide to Intoxicated Drug Server. This guide will help any new player out to get on their feet and into enjoying the game. This'll go through the most oblivious, and detailed parts of the server as well as explaining many of the parts of the server you should know before continuing.

1. Starting Out

    If you're BRAND new to the server, you will spawn down in an area that looks like this:
Intoxicated Spawn
This is your spawn area. Everytime you type "/spawn" you will end up here. In this area you can find all the helpful information such as rules, tips, and your way around the city. There's also miscellaneous things such as a room that explains Donor and it's perks.

When you spawn you will start with nothing but $30.

As you walk further forward you'll see lots of signs about the rules of the server, kits, etc. I recommend you read them all to prevent you from being banned in the future as if you're caught violating any rules, you WILL be given a consequence.

After you've read, or not read the signs, keep walking. You'll see a ladder, and MORE signs. Please, read them. It'll help us all out.

Now, at the end if you read it, there IS a /kit starter but one thing a lot of players don't notice is it recommends you DON'T use it until you're out of the city. Why is this? Well, there are cops around the city patrolling and will frisk you. If you have your sword out, they will ask for you to give it, and if you don't, you'll be jailed for 5 minutes. If you have drugs on you, and a cop frisks you and finds the drugs, you will be jailed for 5 minutes.


Now, feel free to explore the city. The city is like a normal city; it has plots where you're able to buy, a bank where you can buy a chest (Virtual Chest), a library where you can enchant, a police station where you go to get jailed or see jailed members, and lots of other aesthetics such as a club, a tennis court, etc.

2. Getting Started

After you've done your share of being curious, it's time to get money rolling in. On this server, the main way to get money is to: grow drugs. Grow drugs, sell them for money, to rank up. Ranking up gives you access to better prices, and more features such as PSTONES (information can be found at

What you want to do is make your way out of the city; doesn't matter which way, they all go out to the wilderness. To build, you need to go out exactly 250 blocks, and then you're able to build. Though, you should go out MUCH farther than that as your base will be raided quickly if you make your base close to spawn.

Start heading out, a good distance. You want to make sure you're in an area where there's no sign of anyone being there. Here are some good signs that no one has been or is near your coordinates:

  • Cactus / Sugar Cane is still there, naturally spawned.
  • No cobblestone/wood planks are anywhere near
  • No grief / weird block changes are anywhere
Once you find a good place, you have 2 options. You can make a Skybase, or a underground base. They both work, but they both have cons. Here they are

  • Skybase
    • Pros:
      • Easy to make -- doesn't require you to mine out the area, instead all you do is place blocks
      • Xrayers look down, not up.
      • HUGE.
    • Cons:
      • Casts a shadow
      • Easy to see
      • Requires lots of resources (especially when you're just starting out)
  • Underground Base
    • Pros:
      • Not easily seen, would have to be xrayed or ran into through mineshaft, or it's some coincidence that someone mined down into your base.
      • Hidden
    • Cons:
      • Easily xrayed, especially if you have chests in your base
      • Hard to mine out, takes very long to do it

You decide what you want to do as it's not my choice. Both are good, and both have cons, so it's up to you to decide. Though, if you're going to do a Skybase, I recommend not doing it if you're completely new as you'll need supplies and getting ahold of those supplies will be hard if you're new. Best choice is to make an underground base in order to get the supplies for later, and just have a quick and easy temporary base.

The server also has McMMO, so as you're going out make sure you gain supplies such as wood on the way. Cutting wood with your axe = Woodcutting skill, etc etc. Type /mcmmo to learn more about the plugin if you're not familiar with it.

3. Starting A Base
Now, here's where it gets to your money. Like I said before, you need to grow drugs, to make money. The easiest drug to grow, and make money off of at an early stage is Sugar Cane. It grows back rapidly, easy to harvest, and space efficient. Making a farm with it is even easier. You need to start making a base, and lay out your sugar cane, or whatever drug. Personally, I recommend Sugar Cane.

Make a small base for now, whether it's a skybase or underground. Never make it on top of land as that's easy to get raided, and has basically NO pros to it.

Get started. Make a base, put a chest down, and start mining out an area for your drug. I assume you'll be doing sugar cane, so the most efficient way (or fastest way) is to do 2 thick dirt and put water on both sides. Repeat, so it'd look like this.

KEY: G = Dirt and W = Water


Keep expanding while your sugar cane is growing, harvest, and save it. Rinse and repeat until you got a VERY nicely sized base where it'll be mass amounts of cane. Selling like 12 sugar will not get you anywhere.

When you sell, you need to make sure that you sell to a SHOP, and not the default rank shops (IE: Fugitive Shop in the sewer). Shops will buy for a greater price as the people who own them are usually a higher rank -- they buy your cane for less, and sell it for more. Business, folks.

Shops can be found everywhere inside the Mall which is in the area where you spawn. They can be found on both sides (left/right). Here are some pictures of inside the Mall, a shop, and inside the shop.

Inside the Mall

AiM_17's Mall Shop 1

Inside AiM_17's shop is his chests buying inventories of Sugar (2304)

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