Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Intoxicated: Reset and Much More!

Hello everyone! Long time!

A lot has gone on in the past few weeks, and I haven't been able to cover it, but I'll slowly sum it up now. If you wish to learn more about it, please refer to these forum posts below:

I'll explain a bit more in depth. The administrators decided to reset the whole server; money, McMMO, everything. The administrators quickly worked on a testing server where they would change the server, and make it better. The reason for the reset is not exactly clear, but you should be able to figure out the reason on your own.

The reset didn't mess everything up, infact, the server is back up, and running like it used to 3-4 months ago. Almost 100 players on everyday, and great community once again. Many more ranks were added, and the difficulty of the server was increased to make players have a challenge and not get to the highest rank in one day. Here is the new rank list:

Fugitive - Default Rank
Druggie - $10,000
Grower - $18,000
Dealer - $31,000
Enforcer - $54,000
Supplier - $94,000
Trafficker - $164,000
Lieutenant - $287,000
Baron - $503,000
Patrone - $880,000

They changed the prices A LOT. Not only are the rank prices different, but also the drug prices. As I said before, the administrators made it so that players would have a challenge to rank up, and so they did.

Not only are ranks changed, but some staff changed as well. As you can assume, some staff was demoted and taken off, and some was promoted. Some of them you may know from the intox before the reset, and some were promoted from a lower rank. Here is the new staff:

_Xiae - Owner/Sr Admin
Ball__So__Hard - Owner/Sr Admin
IBunkerZz - Sr Admin
Axios18 - S Admin
Armoral111 - Admin
Skillcheese - Admin
ShawnHalogen - Admin
Well, come see all the changes for yourself, hop on the server:

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