Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Intoxicated: Back Up!

For the past ~5 days, Intoxicated has been offline. On the 1st day of it being down, it was up/down due to the fact that the Administrators had no idea of the problem, but when players were logging in, they lost their money, and their McMMO levels. The server was quickly shut down, and just in time for _Xiae to be on vacation.

The reason for the downtime was that some error had occured with MySQL (a database). MySQL managed iConomy, McMMO, and any other plugin that basically stored important player data. Not enough RAM was allocated towards MySQL causing it to "flood". None of the other administrators could fix it, so they were forced to wait for _Xiae to get back from his vacation.

It was quickly fixed today in the morning, and everything is running smoothly.

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