Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Ultra Rare Items, Updates, and a New Exploit

Today, Eccentrics AKA MrTea (MrTeaHD) did a donor only drop party in the donor mine which consisted of some common things such as diamonds and iron. He then began giving out "special" / ultra rare items such as the ones listed below:
  • "Pimp Suit" - Golden Armor Set consisting of P4 and U3 enchanted on every piece and renamed to "Pimp Suit".
  • "Pimp Stick" - A golden hoe that has Knockback V enchanted on it and is renamed to "Pimp Stick".
  • Rose - A rose with an enchantment of Thorns X. Approx 10 of these were given out.

Later, MrTea and Axios18 1v1'd in the Arena. Many people got bored and left until 5F noted that he'd be hosting a drop party right after in which he did. He dropped some of the normal stuff, and here are the special items that he added and were added to the sheet:
  • "Magic Mushroom" - A Red Mushroom with Thorns 8. There's only 5 on the server, and handed out at the 5F drop.
  • Yellow Flower - Enchanted with Sharpness 7 and the lore is: "Flower of Love". Only 5 on the server and handed out at 5FDP420's drop parties.
  • "Swim Fish" - A fish that is enchanted with Looting 5 and given out at MrTea's second drop party. Lore says "King of the Sea from MrTea's drop party"
  • Sugar Cane - Sugar of Love that has Knockback 20 on it and was given out by 5FDP420.
Anyways, I'm still investigating to get all of the rare items. If you got a rare item that was given out at a drop party and it's not added on the sheet please PM V7s or Inhale_ on the server. Thanks!

I'm gonna start posting a blog post everytime I update the sheet massively such as today when many items were given out. I'm thinking of a format, but I'm not sure. At this time, I'm just noting everything I have found or know about.

New Exploit that'll get you banned: 
Making a clan with the same name as another to get into the End is an exploit and will get you banned for one day. Multiple offenses will result in a permenant ban. There should only be one clan in the End 5F said, so stop doing it. Users were making new clans and naming it "Cypher" just to get back into the End in which they succeeded. To bypass the system, all you have to do is make a clan tag that is different.

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