Sunday, June 30, 2013

Daily Update + Clans Update... Update!

CTP: Cypher Victory!

CTP went on today and Cypher took the win for the first time in 3 weeks over AAA and BHS who competed. Cypher rallied many members into their clan for the CTP to take place which showed their great interest in the End today.. but why? The End and Nether reset every month and when it resets you are able to kill the Ender Dragon for great rewards including the Dragon Egg and 100+ levels.

Clans Update... Update!

The Clans plugin that Intoxicated uses is unconfigurable of it's amount of players in each clan and it's allies without the source code. The admins are unable to limit both automatically, so today they noted they would be doing manually. Any clan with over an undecided amount (in between 10-15) will be deleted. There has been no official confirmation as of how many people will be the max in each clan.

  • Allies can not be handled. You can have as many allies as you want.
  • Clans can only have an undecided amount of members (15). No official confirmation as of now. Once a official note has been made, I will update this.
NEW UPDATE: The maximum amount of people each clan can have before being manually deleted is 15. Gear up!

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