Friday, July 12, 2013

Intoxicated McMMO Nerf

2 McMMO skills were nerfed today on Intoxicated as a mass complaint of the skills being overpowered.

With the new update of 1.6.x, P4 was nerfed and many potions were changed. In order to scale with the change, Swords were nerfed down to the cap of 400. Axes were nerfed down to the cap of 300. The reason for this nerf was to scale with the update of 1.6 and it's changes to armor (P4 specifically) and many of the pots such as the STR2 pot which now gives you 260%+ Strength.

Here is a video that was recorded by Pistolton showing how OP swords were when xLukeeex was at 800 swords (the previous cap).

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