Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Influx in Staff/Law Enforcement, New Ranks, and 1.6.2!

Yesterday, 2 chat mods were accepted by Ball__So__Hard. IBunkerZz and ShawnHalogen were accepted as chat mods yesterday. Congratulations to them!

Today, 1 chat mod was accepted and 6 cops were accepted. Congratulations to The_deadric on getting chat mod, and congratulations to the following for being promoted to Officer:

- Varahdel
- Lokir_Shalak
- TheFankTankDozer
- Armoral11
- migetmagic
- spicyreaper

5 new ranks in the air? 
Along with the acceptance of a mass law enforcement team, questions had arisen about the new ranks that were supposed to be implemented. The new ranks' prices range from 1m to 25m within a limit of 5 ranks. The ranks are still in the air and being discussed at this point.

1 . 6 . 2

Ball__So__Hard made an announcement today stating that Intoxicated would be updated to 1.6.2 sometime today / tomorrow, along with new ranks would be added. As of now, 6:55PM Mountain Time, this update has not come into play.

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