Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Intoxicated "Griefed"!

What happened?

As many of you know if you've played Intoxicated, jimxjimx was an old Sr Admin. He helped start the server. 3 weeks ago, he resigned from his position and hasn't shown up until yesterday. He showed up on the server with his accounts "ranbuscus" (excuse me if I don't spell it correctly) and "Ragestrr". Everything was normal until ranbuscus threatened to demote a member, Junkfoodink after he had jailed him permanently. Ranbuscus also was promoted to Patrone almost instantly as if an admin had given him it, along with the fact that it was reported he had 1000+ Axes (McMMO skill) at one point whilst fighting at the border.

Today, 7/16/13, Ragestrr showed up again. This time, spawn was griefed with multiple interior and exterior explosions / griefs, mobs were spawned everywhere including the Ender Dragon, and when you died no one was losing items. The server continued to gain more and more havoc and chaos, the lag was severe, and then the server was finally shut down by _Xiae and is quickly working to resolve the problem.

During the mob spawning, the server began to get very laggy and feel like it was being DDoSed. Here is a picture taken by ShawnHalogen showing what he was doing at one point:

Here is _Xiae's reply to what happened in the past hour:

What's being done now?

_Xiae is currently working on fixing the server. He says that there's a possible back door / security compromise within the system, and is quickly working to check and resolve it. Once done, he plans to rollback the server. Mind you, the rollback is most likely going to be a 24-48 hour rollback.

The server should be back up within 1-3 hours. _Xiae is working hard to make sure the server is not compromised, and so that we can all play without fear of being hacked, or shut down.

Please note, there WILL be a rollback. Anything you've done within the past 2 days will most likely be rolled back. It's either that, or he has to repair everything that's happened within the server as of now including the grief, and possible items that were given out, etc.

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